Vegetables are great for your overall health as they are rich in minerals and vitamins essential to good growth.

The importance of eating vegetables regularly to your health is the more reason why you should not spend so much money buying your favourite vegetables from your local grocery store when you can actually grow them in the convenience of your home today.

8 Vegetables That You Buy Once And Regrow Forever ! Complete guide How To Grow The

Learn how to grow these 8 veggies;

  1. The Leafy Romaine Lettuce

Did you know that you can grow a new romaine lettuce by using the bottom end of your older one?

  • Get a small bowl of water and place about half an inch of the stem in it.
  • After a couple of days new roots will emerge, you can then transplant your new lettuce plant to a pot with soil.

Note: you can also use this method to re-grow cabbage.

  1. Re-grow Your Bok Choy
  • Get a small bowl of water and place the root end in it.
  • Leave it in a room where sunlight can get to it for about 1-2 weeks.
  • Afterwards transplant it to a pot with arable soil.
  1. You Can Re-grow Your Crunchy Carrots At Home
  • Get a dish with some water in it and put your carrot tops in the water.
  • You can place the dish on your window sill so that the carrot can get enough sunlight.

Yes! Carrot greens are bitter, but did you know that they are great for salad when combined with vinegar and garlic?

  1. Basil Is Easy To Grow
  • Get basil stems with a length of between 3 to 4 inches.
  • Put these stems in a bowl of water and place this bowl in a well lit room.
  • As soon as you notice the roots growing and once they attain a length of about 2 inches, transplant the basil plant to a pot of soil.
  • Ensure that you regularly replace the water to avoid getting a slimy basil crop.


  1. Re-grow Your Cilantro Veggie
  • Get a glass of water and put your cilantro stem in it.
  • Place this glass of water where sunlight can get to it.
  • As soon as it grows and it is long enough, you can transplant it to a pot of soil.
  • In just a few months you will have a new cilantro plant.
  1. Re-grow Your Crunchy Celery Veggie
  • All you need to do is chop off the celery base and put it in a small bowl of water.
  • Place the bowl in a well lit room to allow sunlight get to your celery crop.
  • Then after just three days, you can transplant your celery plant to a pot of arable soil.


  1. Re-grow Your Garlic Today!

If you have a garlic clove that has sprouted all you need to do is put the clove in a pot with some water.

You should then transplant the garlic clove to a pot with soil after some days.

Your new garlic sprouts are great for pasta and salad as they have a much milder flavor.

  1. Plant Your Tasty Scallions Now

You can make use of scallion roots to re-grow new scallions.

  • All you need to do is get an inch long scallion root and put this root in a small bowl of water.
  • Leave this bowl in a room with easy access to enough sunlight.
  • Afterwards you can transplant your scallion plant in a pot of soil.