Coconut has been used for many things: taken with water, used as flour, coconut milk, dried and prepared as a sauce etc. People usually love its taste and smell, but actually only some of them are familiar with the benefits that coconut oil has to offer.


Today, we’ve prepared you a video that shows the way how coconut oil improves the function of the thyroid and how its medium-chained unsaturated fats actually promote a proper digestive function. It is extremely beneficial in weight loss, too. It is able to reduce inflammation, boost your immunity etc.

This oil possesses numerous valuable vitamins, nutrients and minerals like: iron, vitamin E, vitamin K, Laurie corrosive and caprylic acid and many others. All of these valuable elements make it excellent in fighting off infections and microorganisms, like for example, yeast infection. D-r Bruce Fife claims that the consumption of 3,5 tablespoons of coconut oil a day will definitelyhelp you treat yeast contamination.

Revival and nourishment of your skin are also some valuable benefits that this type of oil has to offer. You can add it into your morning coffee or tea and have a tasty drink. This oil also prevents sunburns and protects your skin from the sun. It has the ability to rejuvenate your skin by using it both internally and externally.

This video will show you precisely how coconut oil can help your digestion, as well as promote a healthy weight loss. You’ll actually consume the healthiest fat ever and it will help you lose weight, especially in some of the most problematic parts of your body. The regular consumption of coconut oil also promotes your heart health as it helps you reduce your cholesterol levels.