Doctors claim that they have discovered a cure for vitiligo. There was a drug named Melagenina Plus which successfully cured this condition through a research done by the Histotherapy Center from Havana in Cuba. It is actually made from human placenta and is able to stimulate melanocytes production.


Recent studies showed that the remedy is 86% effective. Its application is harmless and can be used in the treatment of children, pregnant women, as well as elderly people as there are no side effects. There are factors influence its effectiveness, and those are: age, race, percent of the affected area, time course of the disease, affected areas, and the correct application of the treatment.

How is the remedy being applied?

There are 3 consecutive ways included in this treatment. There is going to be a presentation of explanatory conference on the treatment for curing this condition the first day of the treatment and there also will be specialized medial consultations that are going to introduce the patient to the beginning of the treatment. If doctors think it is necessary, you will have psychological consultation with no additional cost.

During the second and third day you will be acquainted on how to use the cure and the doctors will also show you how to go on with the treatment at home. They will assist you in how to take the proper amount of the remedy according to the degree and extension of the disease on the body. This condition will only become an unpleasant memory if the instructions are followed and the treatment is applied as advised.