Your face shape is playing the biggest role in finding the perfect haircut for you.

This article will show you some tips how to find the best haircut for you and you will see for each face shape which hairstyle suits the best.


1. Oval face – Women with this face shape should not have boring, straight and long hair. If you have wavy or curly hair and you have oval face the best hair cut to accentuate your cheekbones is the layered haircut.

2. Round face – The ideal haircut for round face with straight hair is the shoulder length haircut because it will accentuate your cheekbones. It is the same haircut for wavy or curly hair the difference is that for wavy or curly hair the shoulder length haircut should be layered in order to get pyramid shape – which will contrast the roundness. The structure of the bones will be accentuated this way.

3. Heart-shaped face – Women that have straight hair and heart-shaped face should not be afraid of experimenting with their hair, they should try the mega popular pixie haircut. Also multi-layered bob is another good haircut. Layered haircut is the best for wavy or curly hair.

4. Square face – For straight hair the shoulder length haircut is the best for this face shape too just like the round face shape. This face shape has the effect of big forehead and many women try to do something about it. In order to minimize it you will have to place the bangs from one side to the other. It goes the same for wavy or curly hair – the shoulder length haircut is the best although you can also try layered haircut with having a few short wisps falling through your forehead.